What Is a Chargeback Fee?

It can be an insult added to injury: merchants who experience a chargeback are assessed an additional, nonrefundable fee on top of their lost revenue.
When a cardholder disputes a transaction, the bank performs a chargeback. 

Bitcoin FAQs

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What are Bitcoins?

As merchants continue to develop their online shopping experience for customers, the demand for secure, widely accepted digital currency has grown.

The Five-Step Cheat Sheet for Handling Chargebacks

It is the merchants’ worst nightmare: their bank account is empty, they can’t process credit card transactions, and customers are frustrated. Unfortunately, this nightmare is a reality that happens all-too-often for merchants who are unfamiliar with handling chargebacks.

As Close to 100% Chargeback Protection as Possible!

Merchants Don’t Have to Accept Chargebacks—There are Ways to Fight Back

Chargebacks cost merchants more than €40 billion every year.
Additionally, thanks to fees and other associated costs, merchants lose €3.34 for every one euro of the original transaction when customers demand a chargeback.

Can I Win a Chargeback Reversal?

Don’t Stand by and Do Nothing—Let Us Show You How to Fight Chargebacks

Chargebacks are a massive problem in the ecommerce environment.
Card-not-present merchants lose upwards of €40 billion annually in profits, merchandise and fees as a result of chargebacks.

Improve Customer Service: The Best Line of Defense

Tips to Help Improve Customer Service and Prevent Chargebacks

The most common types of chargebacks – ones in which an unsatisfied customer goes straight to the issuing bank for a refund – are actually more preventable than most merchants probably think.

The Secret to Success: A Chargebacks911 Review

The following is a Chargebacks911 review with an overview of the company and highlights of special features.
New entrepreneurs and startups are always on the lookout for insider secretes that will give them a competitive edge.

Card Not Present Fraud: an eCommerce Nightmare

Understanding Card Not Present Fraud and How to Mitigate its Risks

Not all forms of fraud are created equal. While more malicious forms of fraud, such as identity theft, may be well-reported, card not present fraud covers an expansive range of practices.

What Are Bank Chargebacks?

How Do Bank Chargebacks Differ From Other Chargebacks?

Merchants concerned about problems related to credit card transactions are likely aware of chargebacks. Many merchants, however, may be confused about the difference between a bank chargeback and a traditional chargeback.