Acquirer and Issuer: The Roles Each Bank Plays

Who Plays A Role In The Chargeback Process?

For some people involved in the chargeback process, the only clear aspect is the end result: where the money ends up. For cardholders, this would be a simple refund from their bank.

Fighting Chargebacks with Representment

How to Dispute a Chargeback and Win!

It seems simple enough. Your customer makes a purchase with their credit card; the money shows up in the bank. Things are going well, until you start noticing chargebacks on your bank statement.

Fighting Friendly Fraud

Your Best Customer or Worst Nightmare? The Truth about Friendly Fraud

Unlike criminal behaviour where someone breaks into a business and steals merchandise, or hacks into an account, stealing identities and funds, friendly fraud occurs when apparent legitimate customers initiate a transaction and then process a chargeback.

The Importance of Reducing Chargebacks

Best Tips to Reduce Chargebacks

Chargebacks are a blessing for credit card users; they allow cardholders to dispute unrecognised transactions and be protected from possible repercussions related to fraud. For business owners, however, chargebacks can be an inconvenience at best,

The MATCH List

Guide to Navigating the MATCH List

The business world is full of acronyms, so it can be hard to keep concepts straight. Two acronyms that you hopefully have not experienced firsthand are MATCH and TMF.

History of Chargebacks

Why Were Chargebacks Created?

The history of chargebacks is pretty straightforward; however, the current use of chargebacks is quite different from lawmakers’ original intention. Find out how the history of chargebacks has evolved into friendly fraud.