The Secret to Success: A Chargebacks911 Review

The following is a Chargebacks911 review with an overview of the company and highlights of special features.

New entrepreneurs and startups are always on the lookout for insider secretes that will give them a competitive edge. Well, here it is. The secret to success is Chargebacks911.

Overview of the Company

Chargebacks911 helps merchants balance risk and reward. They look for safe ways to increase revenue while simultaneously reducing risk.

Their big-picture goal is to create industry-wide change that will reduce friendly fraud for everyone. The company works towards that goal on the individual merchant level by eliminating preventable chargebacks and disputing illegitimate chargebacks.

Chargebacks911 has a wide variety of products. Each was developed to address a particular chargeback management complication. While all different, these products have three things in common.

  • Adaptation: Chargebacks911 tools and solutions are constantly evolving. As new fraud techniques emerge, the company responds with new management strategies.
  • Personal Involvement: Technology is used in conjunction with personal involvement. The bank doesn’t use automation to process chargebacks; why should the merchant?
  • Customization: Each client’s chargeback management strategy is customised for that particular business. There is no one-size-fits-all mentality at Chargebacks911

If you’d like more information about Chargebacks911 or the products they offer, check out their website: You can also email or call 1-877-634-9808 to conduct your own Chargebacsk911 review.

Chargebacks911™ is also on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Why You Should Outsource

Not sure if you should outsource your chargeback management responsibilities? The answer is simple: you absolutely should let a professional help. Here’s why.

  • Outsourcing the responsibilities of chargeback management lets you focus on other aspects of the business.
  • You probably don’t have the skill set required to successfully manage chargebacks. Policies are constantly being updated. Nomenclature varies by network and bank. Regulations are difficult to understand and challenging to implement.
  • You aren’t objective enough to identify your own errors and flaws.
  • Consumers have learned how to trick banks and file illegitimate chargebacks. If you aren’t able to detect the cardholder’s ulterior motive (to get an undeserved refund), incorrect prevention and representment strategies will be used.
  • You don’t have time! Your efforts are better spend appeasing loyal customers.

Now that you’ve acknowledge the fact you need help, let’s review why you need help from Chargebacks911 specifically.

Highlights and Special Features of Chargebacks911

There are several reasons why merchants prefer Chargebacks911 to other service providers:

  1. The co-founders of Chargebacks911 used to be merchants themselves. They have hands-on experience and know what you’re going through.
  2. They don’t have hidden fees. Transparency is the name of the game.
  3. Chargebacks911 has developed technologies that analyse consumer behaviour. They can determine the real reason for a chargeback, exposing falsified and misleading reason codes.
  4. Experts help merchants understand the different types of fraud, identify the most dangerous threat, and come up with a solution that fixes the problem.
  5. Signing up with Chargebacks911 is quick and easy. Integration is non-technical. You can probably start using their services within one business day.
  6. Chargebacks911 clients don’t need to change their merchant account, processor or anything else. The company can work with what you have.
  7. They are more successful than anyone else. Chargebacks911 has the highest representment win rate.
  8. They offer an ROI guarantee. They promise to improve your bottom line.

These are just some of the benefits of partnering with Chargbacks911. You’re sure to see results above and beyond the minimum listed here.

Obviously, this is a positive Chargebacks911 review. The company has proven time and time again that efficient chargeback management is possible and the recovered revenue will make a significant impact on a business’s bottom line.